We speak the hottest programming languages and do mindblowing analysis. Fluently.

Do you speak Java, .NET, SQL, GoLang, NodeJS, React?

It's all good. Nobody is born with superpowers. Except us.

Our strength is to speak most important programming languages fluently to be your supporting team in different challenging situations. 

Your great ideas and our impacable language skill will make the magic happen!

Need a hero to guide you safely through digital transformation world?

We’ll never let you to get lost in ERP or any other information systems debris.

We know the terrain, we have secret map, we even can pass for native in this dangerous land.

We’ll keep your hand, we’ll have your back. Because it is what superheroes do.

You need an mobile app? We got this.

You probably thought our superpowers are limited. Guess again. We understand that you are normal human being and it is not necessary to think in all possible operating systems yourself. This is the place where our superpowers come in handy.

We create native - and hybrid solutions according to your visions and needs in every important operation system you can think of: iOS, Android and Windows phone.

Business Intelligence & Data science

No problem. That's why we have the world's best private eyes who will immediately get on the case. Their minds are superior to the normal human and can handle the most challenging tasks.

Be it databases, SCADA, plain files or any other data sources, we’ll use our arsenal of unwordly tools to make decisions based on it and find you the advantage in your field of need.

Nothing will stop us on the way to find the best solution for your business and help to evolve it to inhuman levels.

Stuck on designing your new gadget?

What we visualise is what we bring to existence through manipulation of reality. That is clearly a piece of cake for us, as we know ourselves that anything is possible.

Considering that our imagination is limitless, we can bring unique designs to the table and develop the perfect interface layout for your device.

Getting to know the mortal humans really well by reading their minds, we understand their thinking and can create the smoothest user experience for them.

the avalanchers to the rescue

The designers

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The designers

skills I am the Designer. I morph into many forms of the virtual world user and create a visual environment that fits the need of the auditorium
Special power: Visual creator of the virtual world

The developers

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The developers

skills I am the Developer of the virtual environment for many societies. No problem is unsolvable, no aquirement is too complex
Special power: Speaking languages unknown to a mortal

The Data Warehouse Guys

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The Data Warehouse Guys

skills I am the The Data Warehouse Guy. I see data everywhere I go. I organize it and serve it on a silver platter.
Special power: Data genius

The Analysts

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The Analysts

skills I am the Analyst. I have a superpowered mind to analyse facts. My mission is to find the best solutions.
Special power: Enhanced Analysis

Our services

Our superpowers will help you with:

On the point architecture, analysis and development

Ingenious Business Intelligence and data warehouse creation

Kickass visuals and solutions for your needs


our noble clients



Do you have what it takes to be an Avalancher? We have close to 95 employees and growing strong We have offices in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius contact us for a job opportunity

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